Sunday, September 21, 2014

It Strikes Me Funny

Six Months Ago Today 1

I'm no time traveller and don't want to be. Sure, a few times I've wished to go back twenty or thirty years but soon thereafter reality sets in. First, I wouldn't feel comfortable in tight-waisted, orange and black checked polyester pants anymore, and second, if I arrived back in 1984 as a classroom teacher right after recess, I'd have a meltdown, for certain.

"What's for math today, Mr. Harrison?" some shiny-faced child would ask and I'd likely jump out the school window.

It's easy, however, to look back six months to March 21 and see what I was up to via my blog. Less stress, for sure. I went for a walk, tossed something out the window at a squirrel, recalled my glory days as a long-distance runner and concluded an epic story (13 parts!) about a potato mole.

Please, help yourself to more taters! And I hope March 21 was a good day for you too.

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Mighty Mole Gone! 13

Photo by GH

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