Sunday, September 21, 2014

Recommended Reading

The Last Great Victory by Stanley Weintraub

One of the facts stated in the prologue of this 700-page book re the conclusion of World War 2 deserves mention here:

The war did not conclude conveniently in a single place at a predetermined time. The signing of surrenders, the laying down of arms, the announcements from commanders and heads of state, all spread over global time zones, suggest a variety of dates for the ending of World War II. "V-E Day" (Victory in Europe) and "V-J Day" (Victory in Japan) depended upon the capitals from which they were proclaimed...

So Author Weintraub takes readers around the world, back and forth between events in Europe and Japan during a critical time in our world's history, i.e., the final stages of WW2, July and August 1945. At 700 pages, this book will cover many miles and after reading the first 60 I near the beginning of the end of a great war's story.

["Thousand Year Reich" falls short by approx. 988 years]

I recommend this lengthy, detailed book to all students of history related to WW2.

More to follow as I dig deeper.

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