Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Workshop

Library and Cedar Box

The little wee library is almost finished. I'll add a bit of bright yellow paint to the letters on the five signs this AM, and when the paint is dry, on they go. Voila! Done. Then off I go. PM delivery today to a client three blocks away. (I won't be surprised if I'm asked, "How do we put it up?" I have two answers ready, both mean more work for me. But I do own a shovel and you know what I say. Have Shovel, Will Travel).

Last look about:

The top of a complex cedar box is 'trimmed out' (except for the hand carvings on the outside) and I think I made good use of aged trim from the best western cedar available. Lots of work left to do but my enjoyment level is high. I have some Red Cabernet for the finish (about a week away, I think) and I can hardly wait to see the final results.

Fiddly work but not a lot of dust. The best of times.

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