Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Workshop

On the Horizon

["Next up, I'll dust off shadow boxes and add cedar trim.
You can't cedar trim now but ya will later"]

Three 'fish-themed' shadow boxes have been sitting on an upper shelf for a long time, just waiting for me to snatch an hour of free time and finish them off. I now have a nice can of finish and suitable, nice lookin' trim handy. So, on the horizon - some final photos.

The door on the library is finished, works like a charm. On the horizon - signage.

Tonka Airlines sold me an old trainer. On the horizon - specialty birdhouse/airport/crop duster.

A triplex is almost ready to bring indoors. On the horizon - perches, a thorough dusting and a bit of trim.

I think by next Tuesday I'll be looking to start my next project for patient clients. I'd better check my to-do list to see who is in the on deck circle.

: )

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