Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Family Time

Doug Harrison's 75th

A few Harrisons looked carefully at this photo - of (my uncle and aunt) Roland and Ruth Harrison, parents of (my first cousins) Doug, Gord, Brian and Roland Jr. - on Sunday in Aylmer at Doug Harrison's 75th birthday party.

I was able to establish the location, i.e., in front of Doug and Edith Harrison's house (Roland's brother, and my parents), 19 Washington Avenue, Norwich. Gordie Wayne recognized his father's truck and the logo on the side door, i.e., Norwich Motors Sales. I recalled my family moved into the house when I was in Grade 1, so the date is likely mid-1950. I also mentioned there was no parking on South Court St., so my uncle was taking a risk!

The above photo was snapped on cousin Doug's 75th. My sister Jane is a Harrison beauty, Doug is a Harrison patriarch and I am a Harrison owl (old bird).

: ) Like my hat?

More Family Time photos

Photo by Christina Harrison. A1

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