Monday, September 8, 2014

Bird Watching

Perfect Morning for the Birds

As soon as I put my coffee down I felt I had a good morning ahead for watching birds at the feeder. Several were already dancing atop rain gutters outside my window, and their shadows shifted crazily upon nearby blue spruce boughs. I opened the window crack. I readied a camera. Looked at the feeder.

It was empty. Down to the floor boards. So, off I went to the seed bin in my workshop.

["From the workshop door I thought I spied four mourning doves"]

["No wonder seed disappears so quickly. Doves graze like cows"]

Soon I was back inside watching birds - and a weasel/thief/nemesis - enjoy their morning meal.

["Mourning doves on all three levels"]

PS The squirrel had an evil plan up its sleeve. So did I. Stay tuned.

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