Monday, September 15, 2014

Motorcycle Miles

Swallows' Mud Nests

When motorcycling I like to stop at a particular bridge on Hunter-Crossley Rd., SE of Belmont, in order to see if some of the strangest nests in the countryside have survived breeding season. Passing motorists probably wonder what I'm doing off my bike and scrambling down a steep, weed-covered bank in my heavy boots, camera in hand.

["A few years ago I spotted swallows darting, and stopping, under this bridge"]

["My first peek looks promising!"]


["A close-up of the nearest mud nests"]

The swallows are long gone. Not a one could be seen under the bridge or darting over the surrounding fields. But their many nests remain, and this year's collection is the best ever, in my opinion. Only a few will likely survive the winter.

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