Monday, September 22, 2014

Motorcycle Miles

Troubled Skies over Holbrook

["Dark skies on the left are likely over Woodstock"]

Yesterday I stayed later in Norwich than I planned. Got talking with two couples who were connected to the Harrison family in some ways. (The Stovers worked with my parents: Mr. Stover w Dad at the Norwich Co-op. Mrs. Stover w mother at the Museum and Archives. Bev and Ena Avey knew my family as friends and neighbours and members of the Anglican Church).

On the way home the skies appeared to threaten rain. I hopped off at the entrance to a familiar laneway (the once pretty farmhouse and century-old barn are long gone and the lot is now almost entirely empty) which seemed to mark the line between the skies I had left behind and the troubled skies ahead.

 ["Unfortunately I am not riding to the NE"]

["Some blue sky ahead but I am losing it quickly"]

I was on the 401, about to exit onto Highbury Avenue (10 minutes from home), when the skies opened. Wet Boy made it home safely but my jeans are still drying out over the tub.

More photos:

 ["The skies behind me"]

 ["The skies ahead"]

 ["If I rode 1 mile to the SW I would be in the sun"]

["I'd better get a move on"]

Once I reached Salford I knew the odds of staying dry all the way home were minimal.

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