Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Workshop

Swap Box Details

I took a few final photos of the last swap box to leave the shop (on Friday) because a person recently asked for instructions re how to build one. I don't mind others using my design, but a lot of words and photos are required to do justice to the amount of work ahead for a sincere inquirer.

Why, there's the base, two sides, a back, a roof, four pieces for the face, four pieces for the door. Then there's the platform and support collar, the metal pole and ground anchor. And don't forget the plexiglass, hinges, door pull and latch. Oh, and five pieces of signage and some stuff to swap.

Have at it, I say!

Material list, measurements, colours and conditions vary, depending on one's mood. So, stay cheerful out there!

: )

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