Saturday, September 20, 2014

Recommended Reading

The King's Bishop by John R. Bishop

When I initially found this book at Goodwill Bookstore on Wellington Road S. I was reluctant to buy it because it was not about WW2, but about the Korean War. Then I recalled something I learned while reading books re WW1 and WW2, i.e., the great wars are related in many ways.

So, the Korean War is likely related to the great wars on a variety of levels, I thought, and bought the used copy. It wasn't long before the pages were turning back at home.

An excerpt follows:

   "A freezing rain fell that coated everything
   with an ice slick, turning our clothing stiff
   and threatening to freeze our rifle bolts closed.
   This would be the first of many days and nights
   that would merge into a blur of marching,
   digging, freezing and standing to... 
   what we were supposed to be doing would all
   come clear only in later years." Page 54 

The book is a quick read at 170 pages, written by a veteran of the Korean War (an infantry soldier (then Corporal) who ultimately made the armed forces his life's work), an eye-opener for me as my first dip into the Korean setting. And it is in fact related to the great wars on many levels.

Recommended to students of history interested in Canada's involvement in armed conflicts.

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