Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Workshop

Western Cedar Treasure

["Only a bit of careful sanding is required w this fine old cedar"]

I stacked an aromatic pile of western cedar slats onto my workbench yesterday - just before closing time - with a certain amount of satisfaction. A fairly delicate project is well underway and not even a minor goof up has occurred... so far. (I figure, that's swell performace. I should get a gold star before something besides dust hits the fan).

["Four slats form the base for a treasure box"]

["The pinkish slats have the sweetest smell on earth"] ]

["Two top panels slide together perfectly"]

["The right finish will make the panels jump"]

["Four sides for the top of the box"]

["Four sides for the bottom of the box, all from the same board"]

Only a few more precision cuts are required before I add partitions/dividers. Then I can get onto some crafty chiselling, hand carving, tricky assembly work (hidden nails and screws required), proper finishes and final touches.

Right. This treasure box isn't going to be finished by next Tuesday! But I'm into it for the long haul.

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