Monday, September 1, 2014

Family Time

Doug Harrison's 75th

Doug and his wife Judy live in the beautiful town of Aylmer and it was in their backyard that a surprise 75th birthday party was held in Doug's honour yesterday. Judy deserves a medal for the time and effort spent preparing such a do.

I learned (first) cousin Doug was named after my dad and - I find this amusing - my dad asked for five dollars for the use of his name. Someone in the crowd said, "Now, there's a Harrison for you." If the debt was not paid at the time I now stand ready to receive said payment on behalf of my father.

I spruced up for the party, acted all calm and composed and mature, but was caught off guard when Sean, one of Doug's four 'all-growed-up' children, stepped between Doug's next younger brother Gordon Wayne Harrison (aka 'Red', 'Whitey') and me, Gordon Arthur Harrison.

"There's two Gord Harrison's here!" says Sean.

Holy cow, I already knew that. We had name tags, eh! I almost hit him with my hat.

Truth be told, fun was had by all.

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Anonymous said...

We enjoyed your story very much :) thanks for coming

G. Harrison said...

Pat, Jane and I sure enjoyed the big family get-together and hope there are more good times in the future.