Saturday, November 1, 2014

Bird Watching

Good Eyes

Birds have good eyes and familiar routines. Many local birds did not take much time to notice I was home from the United Kingdom - and working in my backyard shop and putting birdseed into a feeder - after a two-week absence.

I arrived home Wednesday evening, put seed into the completely empty feeder on Thursday morning, but did not notice one bird in the backyard during the day. There was evidence a squirrel had jumped onto the roof of the feeder but didn't hang around. Metal Sentinal had done his job, scared it away.

However, by Friday afternoon I spied several feathered visitors giving the feeder a welcome visit. Juncos, sparrows (by the flippin' dozen), cardinals, jays and doves did 'fly bys', spied the seed, dropped what they were doing and stopped in for a snack.

This morning the action started early and continues feverishly while I write this note. Happy camper, that's me.

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