Thursday, November 6, 2014

Scotland 2014 Photos: Faint Footsteps

October 16 - Irvine, Scotland

["Photo of 'Kings Arms Hotel' accompanies father's WW2 memoirs"]

The seaside town of Irvine holds many secrets close to its chest. Though my father wrote about several experiences there in his Navy memoirs in a vivid manner, those experiences occurred over seventy years ago during his training days leading up to the invasions of Dieppe, North Africa, Sicily and Italy. But occasionally I am present when a door to the past quietly opens.

 ["I like the looks of Hill St. on my way to 'The King'"]

 ["I find 'The King' hasn't changed much in 70 years!"]

["Heritage Centre in Saltcoats, north of Irvine, has helpful items (below)"]

 ["My dad saw this 'Waterside' scene in 1942 during leave"]

 ["Dad stayed w the Cricksmeres at 22 Waterside St. I can find the spot"]

 ["I follow Seagate St. downhill to Waterside St."]

 ["Over the bridge I go to Waterside St."]

 ["No. 22 was torn down in the '70s," says the owner of No. 50 (RATS!)]

 ["In 1942 Navy barges would navigate the river outside my lodgings
on their way to King's Arms Hotel. So, one mystery is solved today"]

 ["Lights of Saltcoats - and Heritage Centre - shine in the distance"]

October 16 was a long, eventful day. A few questions I posed to others got their minds to work (lights went on at Harbour Lights pub), and more than one person steered me in a fruitful direction. I'm in their debt.

More photos and details to follow.

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