Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Workshop - Trim

Six Easy Pieces

["Two of three mailboxes sit ready for trim"]

I applied Gorilla glue to the sides of the third mailbox yesterday before nailing them into place. Then I added six pieces of trim to each of three mailboxes and reinforced the top of the box to receive the lid.

[Six pieces of trim hide butt ends of cedar and many nail holes"]

["I fill any visible nail holes w brown 'plastic wood'"]

Today I will put a coat of primer on one or two of the boxes and think about colour schemes. Wood conditioner will go on the other(s), then stain, then multiple coats of marine varnish.

Full week of easy tasks ahead and (especially if promised paint arrives) I will be able to complete the three boxes by next Monday.

Future projects - Rietveld chairs, squirrel nesting box(es).

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