Monday, November 17, 2014

Birdhouse London

Three Western Cedar Cabins

Two pieces of old cedar fence post have been turned into three lovely cabin-style birdhouses. And a wee touch of red paint here and there didn't go far wrong, eh.

["Yellow beads and rescued hardware help show off a sturdy perch"]

Yellow beads were given me by Butch McLarty, London. I think he sported these around his neck in the 1960s. A true Hipster, that's what he is.

More finished birdhouses at Birdhouse London

Photos GH


Butch McLarty said...

I trust that curling broom in the shop window was made at the Norwich Broom Factory?

G. Harrison said...

Butch, the curling broom was produced by Norm Lees (I used to hang out and play hockey w his son Rick). Norm played hockey in his shirt sleeves, said my dad, and had a back yard shop like yours truly, dedicated to curling brooms, brand name 'The Real McCoy'. I bought two in 1969 and returned one to Rick two years ago, still in its plastic wrap. SWEEP!