Sunday, November 16, 2014

Scotland 2014 Photos: Faint Footsteps

October 18 - Saltcoats' Heritage Centre

["Early start on a lovely day in Irvine, outside my digs, Marina Inn (left)"]

My reasons for travel defy neat description in a few concise sentences or illustration by way of pie-charts divided, percentage-wise, into precise pieces. I do enjoy moving about in cars, boats, planes and motorcycles, planning long walk-abouts and soaking up new scenery in strange lands and, at end of day, sipping red ales in cozy pubs with pen and paper before me. What mainly stirs me to travel, however, is chiefly not a particular seaside, mountain-top, distant relative, man-made tower or museum, but simple matters of the heart.

 ["Coxswains and seamen in WW2 landing craft could easily enter Irvine"]

During World War II and the years 1942 - 43, my father trained with other members of RCNVR and Combined Operations in Irvine and Inveraray, Scotland and the thought of him there, inspired by his hand-written memoirs, recently moved me away from the comforts of home to a far-distant shore. 

Most of these photos will reveal why I am likely destined to travel alone during future return trips to Scotland. 

: )

 ["I'm upstairs on a double-decker on my way to Saltcoats' Heritage Centre"]

 ["My father trained w the Commandos. Top left - Combined Operations insignia"]

 ["The town of Androssan, a few miles north of Irvine, likely participated
in a Combined Ops training exercise. News from Sept., 1942"]

 ["The importance of convoys is well known in 1942"]

 ["I am back in Irvine, ready for supper after a long day"]

Ahh. A day in Saltcoats staring at microfiche. Nothing like it. But I can't think of anybody who would want to do that with me for three days straight (next time I go)!

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