Thursday, November 27, 2014

I Wood be a Tree

If I Could

'A wee poem' inspired by events concerning a Poet-Tree box recently
attached to, then removed from (by City decree), a tree in Old South 

If I could I wood be a tree, perhaps a giant red wood
And live 1,000 years, with my head in the clouds.

If not a red wood then something rarer still
Like a coniferiduous or deciduonifer,
With both leaves and needles side by each,
Be green year round and laden with chestnuts.

I would welcome adventurous climbers,
Boys and girls on a swing,
Friends seeking shelter
And birds on the wing.

I would sing with the wind, always in tune,
Reach to the sun and howl with the moon.

I would act as a signpost, point east and west
Lend a hand to a gardener and squirrels in a nest.
I would act as a home for birds in a box,
Take a nail for a poem, hold a line for wet socks.

Really, if I could I wood be a tree,
Perhaps a giant red wood
Or something rarer still.


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Photos by GH


Christine Montgomery said...

Nice one, Gord. Worthy of the Poet Tree, fir sure.

G. Harrison said...

Needs a bit of work, i.e. some careful pruning. I wood get at it this AM but I've got a long to-do list : )