Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Workshop

Birdhouse Production Line

["A pair of red and blue triplexes requires perches and trim, but I'm ready"]

As some say when they reach the bottom of a bag of chips, I'm 'down to the nubs' here in the workshop. I'm down to the last half dozen birdhouses from an original stack of about three dozen that needed attention not too long ago.

 ["Perches, fences and trim will be painted yellow today. Easy work."]

["Where will these spoons be used? Stirring the pot? We shall soon see"]

I am savouring a pleasant feeling. Before travelling to Scotland recently I cut, sanded, assembled, painted and partially 'trimmed up' a workshopful of houses. Now that I'm finishing off nubs as three November birdhouse sales approach, I am happy about my past careful planning and present-day progress.

Getting organized in my middle-age, eh!

: )

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