Sunday, November 2, 2014

Birdhouse London

Hot Off the Press

 ["Rescued pine faces, rescued slat sides, rescued cedar roof"]

Before I travelled to the United Kingdom in October I cut and assembled about three dozen birdhouses. I moved them each along the production line to 'almost finished' condition.

["Even the perch is rescued, from a box of bits and bobs"]

Over the last three days many have come off the line in tip-top 'finished' condition, all trimmed out, all ready for an upcoming sale.

["Premium pine from Fenelon Falls. Lovely to handle"]

["The pot is premium, but the metal perch is 'daringly rescued material'*"]

The first house is made entirely of rescued lumber and for the first time in a long time - if ever - I cannot recall where I found the wood. Likely upon a curb in the neighbourhood. The second model is made from lovely 'gray on both sides' barn board, purchased at Handley Lumber in Fenelon Falls. I have the feeling I will need to place an order for more of the premium pine before this busy month is over, which is well and good because bills from the UK are still dropping through the mail slot!

Lumber in, lumber out, that's fine by me.

*the metal bits come from the Habitat store on Adelaide South. I may be the only person in town so daring w money that I'll buy boxes of dusty stuff (including kernels of corn) from a farmer's old barn

Link to more Birdhouse London, a wee look at completed birdhouses.

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