Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Workshop - Cedar Box

Nick's Tackle Box

Poor Nick has been waiting for this box for about - feels like - ten years. The box is made from rustic western cedar and trimmed with the rugged, well-worn outer layer from one particular board. Look close and you'll spot a few historic fungi I refused to remove with sandpaper or chemical. They tell part of the story as Nick waits, waits, waits some more.

["Compartments and lid now sport a nice coat of wood conditioner"]

In the future the compartments will hold - so I have been told - Nick's journal and treasured fishing gear. So, more work to be done that will fit with that theme.

More to follow, e.g., stain, varnish, hand-carved dodads, a fishing lure. But you'll have to wait awhile!

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