Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Scotland 2014 Photos: Faint Footsteps

October 20 - London, England

["First photo taken after a tube ride downtown to Grosvenor St."]

I planned a lengthy walk-about for my first full day in London. I bet I covered about eight miles of historic, intensely-popular, scenic, busy, and completely interesting streets. I'm holding back the words 'awe-inspiring' because I'm saving them for the inside cover of my next book.

 ["Coach and Horses. Lovely, I say, but wrong time of day!"]

 ["Beautiful day as I approach gates of Buckingham Palace"]

 ["Oh, yeah, I'm smug. High Tea at four with the Queen"]

I pass Big Ben at 12:15 on my way home for lunch ("Why, I'm right on schedule!" I say). Later I walk to the Imperial War Museum, 5 - 10 minutes away from my Airbnb apartment.

 ["Entrance to museum is well guarded. I look for side door"]

 ["So many interesting, educational, timely displays re WW2.
Assault Landing Craft (ALCs) were well-known to my dad"]

 ["Art on display held my interest to closing time"]

On the way home I stopped in for supper and a pint at Albert Arms, the first cozy I'd spotted upon my arrival the night before in London. Purr-fect day, I say.

["I was dragging a suitcase first time I laid eyes on Albert Arms.
Didn't stop but made a mental note to see what Albert had on tap"]

["Last photo taken on the day. Five-minute
walk home, well before closing time : )"]

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