Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Workshop

A Major Slowdown

Various wee tasks related to the 'poet's corner' I am building in the workshop moved along smoothly yesterday, except for the last one I had planned for the day, i.e., removing the sticky paper from the plexiglass.

["Glue from NASA Space program?!"]

No problems were encountered when I attached the western cedar 'display board' to the gray pine 'backer board'. No problems arose when I cut the four pieces of framing material into eight or when I attached hinges where needed. No problems measuring or cutting plexiglass.

But, what the heck? What kind of glue was used to attach protective paper to the plexiglass? Same kind used by NASA on the Space Shuttle tiles? Wow. I'm still not done getting glue residue off the surface.

I hate major slowdowns, but I also know that for every problem there is a solution... not including a big hammer.

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