Sunday, November 30, 2014

Birdhouse London

Positive Results

["I call it the 'Harrison Special'"]

I came up with a new birdhouse design this summer (above) after looking at wood on hand and wondering how to use narrow boards to make a 'small but spacious' model for local nesting birds. One person described it recently by saying it looks like 'it has a woodshed at the side'. Good call. It is easy to make and has become one of my most popular models. (I know this because I don't have many left in the workshop!)

Other positive features:

["A free birdhouse on a front bench. Lovely"]

["The perch looks like my Uncle Louie!"]

Not my Uncle Louie, somebody else's. He must have had a droopy nose!

Link to Birdhouse London (completed houses)

Photos GH

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