Saturday, November 1, 2014

Birdhouse London

Finished Models

["Log cabin birdhouse from rescued lumber, mostly cedar"]

When I finish a birdhouse I often take a picture of it and display it here, i.e., under the heading of 'Birdhouse London'. And if you click on the label by the same name (below right) you will be able to review several recent projects and many from months ago. I'm like the Energizer Bunny inside the workshop... I just keep on beating the woodworking drum.

["The 'Harrison Special', red cedar body, gray barn board roof"]

A few months ago I designed the above model, inspired by a supply of very good but narrow lumber. By adding a side room I have to monkey about with extra roof slats (precisely angled to fit securely) but in the end I think the finished project is well worth the extra time and effort. I'm sure other birdhouse builders also come up with a particular design in order to make use of lumber that builds up in the corners of their workshop.

If you have designed your own special model, let me know.

Log cabin - $30
Harrison Special - $20

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