Thursday, November 6, 2014

Scotland 2014 Photos: Favourites

October 16 - Irvine, Scotland

I visited a heritage centre in the town of Saltcoats, a few minutes by bus north of Irvine, and searched microfiche. I will go back to Scotland and dig deeper within a year or two. (Gotta save up!)

Above - from the Irvine and Fullarton Times, September 11, 1942.

(The POW event occurred a few short weeks after many Canadians were involved in the Dieppe raid and taken prisoner for the duration of World War II. My father trained for Dieppe and due to a scheduled leave he missed the chaotic raid by one day. He was, however, commanded to clean out damaged and blood-stained barges (w a confusion of remains aboard) when they returned later in the day of the raid. He refused. He lost many friends for the first time that day due to death and destruction, and his well-respected commander and many others were now in prison).

From the same paper one week later:

See the barges in the water behind the Commandos? My dad is an Able Seaman in one of those.

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