Monday, November 24, 2014

Pumpkinman - Life and Times

Exciting Conclusion

Shortly after Hallowe'en, about an hour after polishing off the last of the mini-chocolate bars, I posted the first photo of Pumpkinman and predicted 'the only one caught by any surprise (about 'what is going to happen to sad old Mr. Pumpkinman over the next two weeks') might be the man of the hour, now that his hour is up'.

That being said, I also was surprised, especially at the guy's durability. He hung in there until the bitter end (i.e., today's last photograph), suffered many indignities along the way, yet maintained a somewhat ambivalent demeanour (albeit with a surprised look upon his face - not entirely his fault, of course), even after being dumped - unceremoniously - beside a tired pot of asters in my backyard garden yesterday.

If Sad Pumpkinman chose 'last words' I think they'd be, "There is such a thing as a free lunch if you're a squirrel."

'Til next Hallowe'en then!

Link to Sad Pumpkinman 13 - The Smile is Gone

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