Thursday, November 27, 2014

Scotland 2014 Photos: Favourites

October 22 - All Aboard for HMS Belfast!

["I am told to don an apron after signing up for volunteer kitchen duty"]  

On October 22, during a very popular tour of HMS Belfast, I was delighted to lend a hand in the very busy, efficient kitchen. The cook's assistant and I got along very well and he was as surprised as me when we discovered the recipe for HMS Belfast Hash (served in large quantities every Wednesday to crew and tourists) is almost identical to my own Harrison Hash.

["Well, good hash is good hash, eh," we say in unison. Jolly good laugh!]

With hot hash at the ready, Robbie Simmonds tried for first in line. He was, in fact, a very close second.

["Back up a bit, Robbie. I'll save some for you."]

All in a day's work aboard HMS Belfast, formerly a WW2 Royal Navy light cruiser.

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Lannie Good said...

two wax heads in one photo, ha, ha..couldn't resist, you leave yourself wide older sister