Monday, November 17, 2014

Scotland 2014 Photos: Faint Footsteps

October 19 - Train Ride to London, England

["I boarded a fine train in Glasgow and headed across the River Clyde"]

So, I lived frugally in Irvine, Scotland and had enough Great Britain Pounds (GBPs) left over to add on a wee trip to London. I said, I think I can do this. And I did.

My father wrote a few stories about going on leave in London during World War II ("you couldn't get me lost in London... I always slept at my relations or a Westminster Y") and I figured I could follow a few of his faint footsteps to my great-aunt's former house in Hammersmith and to a couple of pubs he mentioned. Well, I did that and more in the three full days I spent in that marvellous city.

Now, about that train ride and travel day.

Photos from along the way:

["Two tickets, 130.60 GBPs, to London,
and return to Edinburgh and Glasgow"]

["Top-rate transportation thru top-rate scenery to a top-rate city"]

 ["A good day to be indoors and travelling south"]

I arrived safely at Euston Station, London, purchased an Oyster Card (pre-loaded w GBPs) for the tube and found my way to my Airbnb accommodation. After amazing homemade soup I grabbed my notepad and pen and walked to a cozy local pub.

[My host tells me to walk toward The Shard to find The Ship"] 

 ["Look both ways, particularly in London"]

 ["Clean straw beds for Drunkin Sailors!" For their sons? No"]

["With help from Dad's memoirs I made easy plans for the next day"]

Link to Scotland 2014 Photos - October 18

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Mystic Thistle said...

Looks like a wonderful time!

G. Harrison said...

Thanks for visiting It Strikes Me Funny, Christy. I highly recommend you put Scotland on your travel list. GH